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My seasonal good wishes to you!

A very short blog just before Christmas to wish all of you a very happy and relaxing time over the Christmas/festive period if you are celebrating. If not, I hope that the bank holidays give you a chance to relax and take stock a little.

I'm happily sharing my top tips (again) for you!

My favourite 5 top tips for the season:

  1. Your love for someone is not based on the amount of money you paid for the gift.

  2. Allow yourself to eat and drink whatever you want. Yes really! There are just two things to consider and they really are easy. The first is to slow down so you can actually taste it. Secondly if you are going to eat it choose to enjoy it!

  3. Give yourself permission to be who you are - if you don't want to be life and soul you don't have to be, conversely we don't need to be stuck in a rut of misery even if we are missing our loved ones - a little lightness and fun can be just the thing!

  4. Rattled? Take 5 seconds to consider your response because that is all it takes to save a situation from going pear shaped.

  5. If ever in doubt about what to do, choose the kind option. It's not the time to comment on a person's weight, hair, etc. (Is it ever?)

This wonderful image was taken on a walk with my brother last week. It was freezing but look at that view! If you can get out (whatever the weather) do it! I've always felt the cold made me feel more alive.

Thank you all for dropping by this year!




After a few weeks of illness my mother died last week. It has been a very strange time. Busy with all the admin to do as well as being surrounded by the Christmas build up. I had the sharpest of pain the other day while looking at the weather app. I realised I didn't need to see the weather where she lived any more. I'm sure I will write more about the strange time over the next weeks. In the meantime I am looking for, as Richard E Grant has said,

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