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My coaching practice is rooted in N.L.P. (more of that here) and branches out to include other successful strategies and styles. In my own life I have made many transitions and have learnt an enormous amount as a result of this.

  • I moved from Hove to Jakarta in 1993 to a new job, on my own, never having visited Indonesia before. From here I went on to work in Bangkok, where my daughter was born and then to Singapore.

  • In the international schools, where I worked for 16 years, I was part of a highly transient community; there was a constant coming and going of work colleagues, students and friends. The schools themselves underwent some huge organisational changes in management and style too with arrival of new principals and managers.

  • Returning to the UK just over 13 years ago was one of the hardest moves I have ever made. Reintegrating back, meeting new people and feeling alien in the country where I grew up.

  • I changed career from teacher to a coach just over 10 years ago leaving a highly structured and timetabled way of working to setting up my own business.

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