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Cordially speaking, elderflower, a yearly reminder.

I just love this time of year. If I were able to press pause it would be right about now when the green is vivid and the nights are lighter and the soil is warming up. And without fail every year I see the elderflower come into bloom and think:

Cordial! Champagne!

And every year til now I have not got round to making it.

I've managed to talk myself out of it every time...

So much sugar!

Not a good idea!

Whilst still buying it from the shop.

So what's the point here?

I have a limited number of summers left in me (we all do actually) so if not this year, when?

If it's not 'too much sugar' that's holding you back what is?

Want some help getting on with it? Do get in touch


Tim Urban has a wonderful graphic for this which can be found here.

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