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A surge and spewing of feelings!

The announcement of easing of lock down restrictions has brought up all sorts of things!

A sense of liberty and freedom!

Pubs, shops and restaurants are opening

Life is going back to normal... well maybe...

With that has come some very obvious signs of pent up feelings. The beach in Bournemouth this week is a good example.... All those people needing to get to the sea and away from wherever they had been locked down, at whatever the cost.

In some ways it is a perfect example of what happens if you allow feelings to become pent up and not deal with them.

They may come out in a way that is unpleasant, undignified, or in a long stream of frustration and anger and noise. A spewing of litter and junk in an uncontrolled way.

Giving some name to those feelings is a first step and then importantly, giving them some validation.

It's OK to feel angry, annoyed, upset, jubilant even.

I might be like this:

I'm angry because I have not been able to express my feelings properly for months because I have to stay in control. There is a crisis going on I need to keep calm.

I'm frustrated that on a day off I made the wrong decision and didn't get a chance to relax properly.

I'm feeling jaded. I've not had much fun and laughter in the past few months.

I'm deeply sad I've not seen members of my family for so long and I need some physical contact with them. I'm missing the warmth.

I'm missing the weekly catch ups we used to have- I need to off load some minor niggles that have now become major.

I'm feeling jealous of people who have not had the pressure of work on their shoulders and I need a rest. Urgently.

I'm feeling terribly guilty that I have not had the pressure of work on my shoulders as others have. I don't want to admit it.

...the nuts and bolts of life are creeping in and showing how important those factors are to our well being.

In a recent webinar I heard an executive coach talk about how his role had changed enormously. He was no longer dealing with how to improve management strategies at work, or personal growth and development. It had come to, how to clean and organise rooms and offices, or how to get away for a break from relentless pressure. Even how to manage feelings of guilt that had surfaced when comparing roles in an organisation. Not the normal stuff an executive coach deals with.

And yet the nuts and bolts of life are creeping in and showing how important those factors are to our well being.

So... in these continuing strange times, say these feelings out loud. Or write them down. Or tell someone because however trivial it may seem, if it's getting under your skin enough, it will affect you and usually is an indication of something much bigger that needs dealing with.

Want the space to offload and say what is going on deep inside? Would like some helpful strategies to deal with it? Do get in touch!

t: 07501817739


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