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Technique is free speed!


Technique is free speed so are you using your effort wisely?

Another blog inspired by what happens in a dragon boat that could apply elsewhere!

A few weeks ago we had a full crew in our 20 person boat and one of the techniques we were practising was pairs paddling. As you can imagine, it involves a pair, sitting side by side, paddling the whole boat. It’s no mean feat. The boat was at its heaviest, being full.

So when it’s your turn, you put as much effort in as possible to keep the boat going. The really exciting part is after everyone has had a turn, the whole crew paddle together. The boat surges forwards and it's probably true to say that everyone in the boat feels that sense of power when we work together.

The things I noticed were:

Just because you make a lot of effort doesn’t mean the boat moves better. In fact you could actually slow it down by creating such a wave of water that it makes it harder for the people behind to paddle.

You can make a lot of effort but if the technique is not good, your effort is wasted.

Using the right technique can even feel easier. Instead of just using the smaller muscles in your arms, use your large muscles in your back as well.

You can work on your own or in a pair and be pleased with the progress and proud of your effort. However when the whole team comes together, the speed and power is significantly better.

So where in life might you be making a huge effort and feel it isn’t working?

Are you perhaps making a lot of effort and leaving a wave behind you for others to sort out?

Or working in isolation when pairing up with someone else or sharing skills with others will propel you forward faster?

Maybe you need to use a different set of skills to do something?

This isn’t about shunning effort and hard work. This is about using it wisely. If you’re exhausted by the effort you’re making and feeling it’s going nowhere – get in touch!

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