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A leopard can't change its spots - or can it?

A leopard can’t change its spots… or can it?

My latest (revamped!) blog looks at a well-known phrase, often recited, frequently to oneself. This leopard is a female. There are, I believe, male leopards out there too examining their spots.

Every morning, when the leopard woke up, she examined her spots. Whilst doing this she also looked at each one and told herself what it meant. It went something like this:

“This one tells me I am very good at planning things. This fuzzy spot here is about my great focus. When I see what I want, I go and get it!” She grinned, “I’ll never go hungry." Then turning over her paw she said, “This one reminds me I am shy and don’t mix well with other people. I went to a party once and stayed close to the wall all evening. No-one wanted to talk to me. “

Whilst she was on the subject of self deprecation , she examined another mark, almost as if she was looking for another reason to beat herself up. “Oh and this one is about me not being very creative. I did a drawing when I was at school and I was so embarrassed at the result, I will never have another go at it.” She yawned and sighed deeply.

Are you continuing to define yourself by events or beliefs that happened a long time ago?

Whilst there may be some truth in the phrase a leopard can’t change its spots, there is also quite a strong sense within it of staying in the same place and not being able to make a change.

Are you continuing to define yourself by events or beliefs that happened a long time ago? If you were a leopard and to examine those marks that define you, what would you say?

Remember to hold onto the good ideas! However if you could look at just one belief that you would like to change, what would it be?

Want to change your spots? Had enough of holding on to those bad thoughts? Do get in touch!


I subscribe to a wonderful website newsletter TUT. At the end of every email it says:

Thoughts become things…choose the good ones.

Most definitely worth a look.

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