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Super Powers

Lockdown#3 fatigue setting in? Had enough and still can't see the light or is it just one of those days when it all seems to be caving in?

I hear you. I know. So this briefest of blogs of about donning the right equipment or clothing to help.

Some days you are going to need this to get through.

Rather like mantras, which help us through the tough stuff, we often need to imagine we are donning some kind of cloak/cape/mask/shoes to make it through. See my blog on Mantras here.

On some days I need these rather fabulous feet:

Other days I could do with these

And on other days just this

or this quality

And other days this:

So take a moment...

Which super power or special skill do you need right now?

Struggling to name it or even think like that?

Do get in touch!

t 07501817739

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