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My Favourite 'Go To' People

I'd like to share some of my absolute favourite people, talks, website, posts and podcasts that I turn to often and frequently share with clients. In the true spirit of 'none of us is as wise as all of us' I'll happily share these wise people!

Amy Cuddy - Wow! I can't even begin to say how many times I have turned to Amy Cuddy and her TED talk on how posture and standing up straight, with intention and power (even if you don't feel it) has the most remarkable effect on us. It says her talk has had 22 million views, I reckon it's more like 60 million and yes, it is from 2012 so some might consider this old news. However every time I watch it I hear something new or take in what she is saying in a different way.

Tomas Svitorka. You may think it's a bit odd as a life coach recommending someone else who is also a life coach! But, you know, there is room for more than one coach in your life! I enjoy his regular emails and words of wisdom. He's more 'punchy than me I'd say, but sometimes you need a bit of punch. His strapline is 'OK is not enough' I like that!

James Clear. He has written a great book, which I am still reading, Atomic Habits, and I have spent quite a while just on the first few chapters. There's a lot in there and personally I need time to digest it. He has a weekly Thursday newsletter which is easy to subscribe to with three ideas, two quotes and one question such as:

What’s something good to "go a little overboard" on?

What's something you could benefit from caring less about?

Matt Haig. I just love his writing. He is someone who has gone through several bouts of severe depression and feeling suicidal and he writes with openness and honesty. But he's not grim- the opposite - he is uplifting and very grounded. He understands the filthy depths of depression and the joy of a sunrise. His book The Midnight Library explores the idea - what if we were able to revisit, relive and change parts of our life? A gem of a quote from him below too.

Brene Brown Another stalwart. There is a wealth of information on her (excellent website). I see her as someone who embraces all of herself and encourages you to as well. She talks bravely (one of her key ideas) and openly about her own struggles,foibles and shortcomings in a way that helps us to embrace ourselves. Enjoy diving in to her website

Paulo Coehlo Many years ago I read his book 'Veronika Decides to Die.' It smacked me right between the eyes and emboldened me to live a bit more than I was currently doing. It certainly triggered some huge changes in my life and although there was discomfort, it was all worth it.

Dr. Nicole LePera, Psychologist. I follow her on Twitter (which I know is not a place for everyone).I love her threads on a range of aspects: Narcissism, emotional (im)maturity, passive aggression and communication to name but a few. She also has podcasts and a YouTube Channel if Twitter (And Elon Musk) are not for you.

Finally, (ahem) don't forget to have a look back at the archive on my very own website! There are 80 blogs on here! 80 pieces of my gathered wisdom, observation and interpretation of the world.

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1 Comment

Tomas Svitorka
Tomas Svitorka
Nov 14, 2022

Thanks Nicola, I’m flattered to have made it on your list. Much appreciate the shout out and you’re absolutely right, there are more people who want to be better than we can ever help. Keep up the great work.

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