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2021's Best Bits!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

A look back at some of the posts from this year which show just how much can change and equally, how much can stay the same, in a year.

It began with some January cheer

Image courtesy of the Royal Academy

Five year old Cressida certainly brought a smile to my face with her delightful robin painting. I also talked about embracing distraction if going for a challenge was too much at that point. It could have come in the form of something creative or physical or just looking a different sources of news . Remember January lockdown? Not quite the same as one in the warmer longer days eh?

The then 17 year old, Linnet Drury, was pondering a time when we could meet up again and do simple things like enjoying coffee together. Oh and we did!

In May I launched my new website, taking a more focussed direction with my coaching into working with people who are going through phases of transition in life - career, life-phase or relocation. It was quite a shift and yet arrived as one of those light bulb moments which we celebrate - a moment of extreme clarity. These 'moments' take a while to build up and rather than a thunderbolt from the blue, they are a synthesis of all thoughts combined up to that moment.

In July Gareth Southgate caught my attention, not so much for the football - although credit to him for that of course! No, it was about he went about creating the team and the different approaches used. He actively sought out people who had alternative methods and ideas to him. Rather than repeat the same formula, he listened to rugby coaches, cycling coaches and Olympic rowers and a tech entrepreneur. He was avoiding the echo chamber where everyone shared the same ideas.

Image via The Guardian

Towards the latter end of the year I was interested in the life phase transition, familiar to both parents and young people heading off to study or leaving home. Often referred to as the 'Empty Nest' It is a time for readjustment that can bring up unexpected feelings of happiness or loss.

A massive highlight of my year was meeting up with friends I made in Jakarta when we started working there in 1993. There was a lot of laughing, wonderful memories and some tears too. In fact it was probably the year's most defining moment. It reminded me of the most important things: friendships, shared new experiences and challenges and that our collective memories were so joyful. There is a lot of other things that came up too- nostalgia, sadness, regret. I'll write about it in more detail some time and maybe share it on here.

I'll be back soon with some of my favourite tips for Christmas and the New Year.

Til then, Nicola xx

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