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The Zero Years

What is it about birthdays that end in a zero? Ask most people and they look at them as milestones in their life and often set goals around them. Birthdays ending in zero seem to be ‘the big ones’ where the celebrations may entail more than one ending a 7, say.

So I have no problem with celebrations and birthdays! However what I have noticed is how many people I meet ,clients or friends, who seem to think that as they head towards a big zero birthday they should have achieved x or be a better person, or have a house, car, wife, husband, children, great job. I hear comments such as: “I’m nearly 30/40/50 – I ought to know what I want, I should have worked it out by now.”

My big question?

Says who?

Who has decided that on this special day of the year that you need to have worked it all out and achieved all those things?

If you can challenge that voice and find out where it is coming from and review how you look at setting goals, you’ll find it matters less how old you are. What matters more is how you are going about doing things in your daily life and if indeed you want to set a goal.

If you are cramped and paralysed by thoughts of what you should have done and haven’t done, or tell yourself off frequently, maybe it is time to get in touch and see how you could:

  • Change the way you look at setting a goal

  • Quieten down that critical voice and look for a more supportive one!


t: 07501817739

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