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So what's new? Coaching for Transition.

Updated: May 7, 2021

Ta dah!

I'm so pleased to be able to launch this new website and the first shiny new blog.

Coaching for Transition has been born out of 8 years of work as a life coach. I wanted to be more precise about what I do and took a very close look at the work I had been doing over the past years and saw a theme emerging!

Transitions occur in all our lives, like it or not. Sometimes we handle them smoothly and with ease and other times we might need some support going through them.

There are three specific areas I am working with:


  • Step up

  • Step sideways

  • Step back

Step up

Imagine you have taken a promotion to a much higher position. You got the job - congratulations! Now you just have to work out how you are going to do it because your role has changed. Do you need to act differently? How are you going to manage workload or responsibility? What about the change in daily routine or nature of work? Whilst you have no doubt taken all these into consideration; sometimes it is tough!

Step sideways

Maybe you are in the same organisation in a new role. Except it doesn't feel like the same organisation any more. Things are different here. Working out where you fit into something that is familiar but has suddenly become quite unfamiliar can be downright weird! The hours are the same - the work is not! This can bring about feelings of inadequacy and dent confidence.

Step Back

You've taken a step away from work and the routine that has shaped your life for some time. It feels, well, OK, but odd. You're not meeting people in the same way. You miss the old life yet don't want it back, but are working out the new life. Feelings of guilt can start to creep in and undermine your decision. Stepping back can be just as hard as stepping up.


I'm sure I don't need to tell you relocating can be very stressful. There is so much involved; from the initial decision making to the packing and sorting and the day of the move. I often refer to this day as the 'wrench'. Then there's the readjustment. Having had three overseas posts in South East Asia I know what is is like to move countries too and can support you in each of the important stages along the way to allow you to settle into your new home/country, sharing expertise and knowledge of the transition process along the way.

Life Phase

Whether it's a return to work after a break or the children are leaving home and leaving an 'empty nest' these life phases can hit us hard for no apparent reason. My work here is to support you through this new phase so that you can enjoy and embrace what is new.

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