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Welcome February! Happy (Business) Anniversary!

From the longest month of the year to the shortest month in one hop! How many of us are happy to welcome February this year? It's a month of rejuvenation and resetting and a celebration for me!

I have done at least 500 hours of coaching, which I think puts me in a strong position to call myself experienced!

February sees *two rejuvenating festivals:

Imbolc: A pagan festival marking the beginning of Spring. It lies halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox - when the days and night are of equal length. It marks the re-awakening of the natural world ,buds and shoots start to be visible and animals are ready to reproduce. Irrespective of your deep held spiritual beliefs you can't fail to notice the beginnings of life and a promise of something new to come.

Chinese New Year - The Year of the Ox

On 12th February the Chinese communities will be celebrating the beginning of a new Year - the year of the Ox. A lunar, not a spiritual, celebration it marks a time to clear out and make way for the new.

Joanna C Lee who works with Chinese geomancer Warwick Wong, has said of 2021 and this year of the ox that:

,"it's a holding pattern." Keep calm and carry on as best you can in 2021, but hold off on major moves if you're able. And in a note worth taking whether you believe in the zodiac or not, Lee relays that Wong says to "try not to be obsessive about following the news, because so much information is in the air." Essentially, preserve your energy and your spirit."

Find out more here if you're interested!

(*I'm sure there are more ~ do tell me!)

February is the perfect month for a re-boot!

If you missed doing a challenge in January then why not START NOW? January is only a marker of time. Also don't worry about starting on the first either. Any day is a good day to start. If you haven't started something yet you can still do so. February is not a bad month to take a challenge either because it the shortest one....

Just by way of interest, the days are getting longer and lighter and I see that (in Bristol) the length of daylight hours from the first of the month to the last day will go from:

9 hours 12 minutes


10 hours and 51 minutes

In the space of 28 days, there will be almost an extra 2 hours of daylight!

If you'd like to know your daylight hours have a look here

On that note, let's, as they say, 'run towards the light!'

And finally, Happy Anniversary- 8 years in business!

Launched on 14th February 2013, my business has been evolving ever since and frankly still is.Over this time I have done at least 500 hours of coaching, which I think puts me in a strong position to call myself experienced!




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