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Wednesday Adventures - not quite a bucket list!

Two of my previous colleagues, Estelle and Lisa, whom I met when working in Singapore had a brilliant plan for Estelle’s last months there. It would work even if you weren’t going anywhere though. Both took it in turns to plan the Wednesday adventure. Some things cost money, others didn’t.

Wednesday evening. Meet at Lisa’s house with any special clothing required.

Adventures included:

Having a go on a driving range

Visiting as many Christmas trees as possible and taking a photo and documenting the evidence

Walking in a park they had not been to.

Visiting a local market and cooking with fresh ingredients bought there.

What happens in your town that you have never tried?

Why I particularly liked it? It combines the good elements of a routine with the fun elements of spontaneity and unpredictablity.

Want to make a start but not sure how? Get in touch!

or 07501817739

Lisa's take on this!

As I drove back from Parents Evening, I had only what I could describe as an epiphany. As I waited at the traffic lights, I watched people go by and began to imagine what they were up to, who they were meeting and where they were going. I realised that after having my children my life had descended into a monotonous routine fuelled by pure exhaustion. My nightly routine was to lie on the sofa, watch TV and have an early night. I LOVE being a mum but felt that I needed to start to make some changes to my life so that I felt like a person again rather than a 36 year old whose life was passing her by.

A few days later I was chatting to a friend and she said she felt similarly so we made a pact and started ‘Wednesday Night Adventures’. We picked Wednesday night as it is the middle of the week so something to look forward to after the weekend. We decided we would take turns in organising the ‘adventure’ and this was kept a secret until the night of the adventure, all we would reveal was the dress code. We would leave after the children were put to bed (sometimes before when Dad was on ‘duty’) and go out and explore. Most of the time the adventures cost the price of a drink but that was of course optional. I felt like I was experiencing life rather than putting it on hold until my children grow up. It also forced me to look up and find events that were happening in our local area or find new places to visit which I sometimes saved for trips with the family or just with my husband.

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