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We Are Not Camels

Take care. Two little words. Often used by therapists, doctors, parents, teachers and friends. What if you had to translate that into something real for you?

Just take a couple of moments to jot down what that actually means.

It could be doing some exercise, getting more sleep or eating your 5 a day. It could be moving away from something toxic - a relationship, a job, a colleague - any number of things.

In a coaching context you might be asked to think through exactly what this means if you were to say it a session. In fact - I would really push for this, as it outlines a more precise plan and subsequently better care for you.

It can also be a chance to look at aspects of your life that don't get much attention. Jenny Mosley in her wonderful work with children (and adults) asks us to think in 5 separate 'wells'






It is likely that we devote more time to one or two of these 'wells' than others and can feel out of balance and kilter. Often it's intellectual and emotional (work and relationships). These 'wells' get so much time they become overloaded. Then maybe we try and re- balance by trying to cram activities in the other wells in a short time. (Think whistle stop holidays!)

We are not camels. We cannot store up these things for short periods of time in the year. We need to spread it out over the year.

During a coaching session this may be something you'd like to explore- how to re-balance and take better care of your 'whole self'

Do get in touch.

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Camels don't need to visit wells as often as we do!

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