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The magical art of coaching for a cluttered head.

Does your head feel like this ever? So much going on whirring around in there and no idea where to even begin?

Well without wanting to jump on the wonderful *Marie Kondo's bandwagon decluttering your mind is a really powerful process and can give you:

  • Increased motivation

  • More energy

  • Space for new ideas

  • Fewer headaches


  • Coaching allows you the space and framework to have the conversation you might need to have without any pre-conceived judgement on your ability or capacity to deal with your situation.

  • It pays careful attention to any ideas and thoughts that may get in the way: 'I could never do that' 'I'm just not good enough.' 'There's so much to do I don't know where to start.'

  • It allows you to chuck everything that's in your head all over the place (because sometimes this is what you need) and then helps you find the tools to deal with it

  • Or coaching will allow you to create places and files to store things in, which you can return to when you are ready.

  • It won't let you leave with a big mess of a head either. (It might be productively busy though!)

So if your head is overloaded and you'd like some space to think do get in touch:

T 07501817739


* I've been talking about this for a while.

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