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Seasonal Good Wishes and the Power of Ten!

For those of you celebrating Christmas this year things may just be racking up a few notches by now. As I write this I have about four lists which I now need to condense into one main list but without the secret present things on... OK so make that 2 lists. Oh and then I need a separate list for things to buy nearer the time - e.g. vegetables and I better nip into town because I've forgotten/didn't feel inspired to buy anything last time/just in case....

Whoa! Steady!

Of course there is a lot to do and organise, however I work very much on the principle that it will all be alright in the end. Honestly it usually is. In the days when I used to watch movies with my young daughter, there was a Disney film we watched over and over - The Rescuers. At one very low point the little girl was told:

'It will all be alright in the end and if it's not alright, it's not the end.'

Admittedly she wasn't struggling with buying Christmas presents at this point, but it did stick for me as a phrase. I find myself trotting it out under my breath at certain times and it seems to work. The power of Disney eh?

The Power of Ten

However if that doesn't work and Disney movies are just not your thing then do try this out:

The ten ten ten.

So simple!

So effective!

We can become so close to things that we have little perspective and can't pan out to see the bigger picture. The smallest of details can occupy your head so that the bigger and rather more important things get lost. It's that 'can't see the wood for the trees thing.'

If things start to feel overwhelming ask yourself:

How much will this matter in 10 minutes?

How much will this matter in 10 days?

How much will this matter in 10 weeks?

It is a super quick technique for getting it all in perspective. You can change it up too if you like. If you want to really shake it up ask how much it will matter in 10 months? or 10 years? Then you really see the bigger picture. Good luck! Courage! And most importantly enjoy it all.

Sending you all the warmest wishes for the season!



Still stuck for a gift idea? How about this?

Want to leave the year (and decade) feeling it is put to rest and sorted? Grab yourself a hot drink and allow a couple of hours to do this:

Leaving Well

Looking ahead to 2020 and would like to set some goals but honestly you've had enough of 'New Year New Me'? Want to try something else this year? Come and join me here!

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