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Removing barriers to coaching #1

You'd like some coaching but honestly you just don't have the time! Here are some possible reasons why you might decide not to go ahead:

There's no way I could drive all the way over to Bristol!

Bristol traffic - arrhhh especially after 5pm.

I live in Wales/Trowbridge/Dubai/Singapore. I can't possibly see you *

* I've coached clients from all of these places via phone or Skype/Face Time.

Ok...Ok... I know you can have coaching by phone but how can it work if I can't see you?

Part of my training (rigorous, residential and spread over 7 weeks) involved sitting back to back with a person and detecting emotions and subtle changes in voice which may indicate something else going on.

So I could still be coached by you and be at home/in my office/out for a walk?

Yes! All I ask is that you are not going to be disturbed and are ready to go ahead.Look if you're really not sure why not call anyway for a consultation. It's free and without obligation.

t 07501817739


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