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Yes! More!

I set aside some time this weekend to complete this:

...and the big message was MORE! As in do more of what you like doing, do more of what makes you happy and feel well and better and strong.

That was good then!

Sometimes our New Year goals and aims are about doing less, cutting things out and tightening our belt or reining things in. The premise behind them when we look, is about self castigation, punishment. Denial.

I suppose I could agree and say I will do less of those things that drain and sap my energy and spend less time with people that don't uplift me but then that's focussing on the negative.

And you know what happens when you do that? Exactly. That's all you see. The lack of joy and fun. The need to be strict with yourself. Bleurgh.

It is far easier to pursue a goal that sparks some joy in you that one that doesn't!

So this year it's about this:

More fun screen printing and having a go at something new!

More trying out new recipes from Greenfeast ( a lovely Christmas present!)

More new places! Yorkshire Sculpture Park was amazing and there is still so much to see!

So now I've established this what next?

Each one requires a mini-plan. With some times worked in as to how and when to make them happen.

What do I need to do today to make it happen?

This week? Next week? This month?

Often these things are as simple as a phone call, or telling someone about your plan and idea.

If you'd like a chance to think over your New Year goals (or resolutions) then do come and join me for a chance to explore this in more detail and leave with a plan that you can carry out. Details here

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