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Just finished uni or college or tech? This is for you!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

A blog for a stage of transition- for those of you just starting out.

All around me in Bristol are students enjoying the sunshine and the fact that uni is out for the summer- or maybe for good. And yet there is a strange feeling this particular year as the pandemic has meant so many students have missed out on those 'halcyon days' that are often talked about.

If you've just left you may be feeling low, disorientated or a mixture of below:

  1. A sense of loss. Those were supposed to be the best days of my life - my best years. All gone now. Swallowed up by an awful pandemic confining us to small spaces and isolation.

  2. Grief - see above but more enhanced. A real sense of loss of youth or freedom.

  3. Disappointment- was that it then?

  4. Anger - more could have been done in so many areas: governmental, by the educational establishment, by the community not to mention the fees and the rent...

  5. Worthlessness my learning was compromised and I don't feel I got what I needed or wanted out of this. It was all worthless.

My thoughts on the above:

  1. This isn't it! Life is still out there in a very big way and this is just the start.

  2. If you've got through this you will have been through one of the worst periods of time in our current history. You won't necessarily know it yet, but if you've made it through you are stronger than you realise.

  3. No. That isn't it- there is so much more to know and see and find beyond the walls of the uni/college tech building.

  4. Anger is a useful human emotion that is often seen as destructive and damaging. If your anger is still raging, channel it somewhere.

  5. Nothing however worthless it may feel, actually is worthless. Wait. There will be something in there for you but you may not see it yet.

And now I'm turning to to advice given a few years ago by the talented, erudite, witty Tim Minchin a talented writer, musician and comedian who says it so much better! In essence he has 9 lessons to share with graduating students at UWA. Watch the full video here

or read it below in condensed form.

  1. You don't have to have a dream. In fact think small. Micro goals on a daily basis will get you started. At this point you don't need to be justifying every move, but you do need to be moving in small ways.

  2. Don't seek happiness! The best happiness comes when you are doing something for someone else to make them happy. Tim Minchin gives a interesting example of this ;)

  3. It's all luck! If you're here reading this, then the likelihood is you are in the top percentage of privileged people in the world. My travels showed me that most people on the planet live far simpler lives than we do. We already have a huge advantage. (I'm not saying this is good - or bad - it just is in the current state of the world. I'm not going to launch into philosophical or political debate here)

  4. Exercise. Prepare for your long life ahead and be aware of what exercise does for you both physically and mentally.

  5. Be hard on your opinions. Examine them thoroughly and constantly.

  6. Be a teacher! Or at least share your knowledge.

  7. Be actively pro ideas as opposed to anti them. Define what you like, rather than what you don't like, it puts you in a better frame of mind from the outset.

  8. Respect people with less power than you (in whatever form that shows itself)

  9. No need to rush or panic. The idea that you ought to know it all now is just plain daft.

Still feeling stuck? Do get in touch!

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