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Happy Birthday (to me!) A chance for a reset

It's come round again - so quickly! Birthdays eh?

This year I'm thinking of my birthday as a chance to reset and look back on some goals I set at the beginning of the year and look forward as well. Some things are going really well! (The study is tidier, exercise is going very well). A few need more attention... (Marketing!)

It's a great thing to find time to do.Frankly the world spins so fast that is it easy to let things go unacknowledged and get so caught in the moment or detail that you don't zoom out and see the larger view.

More importantly resetting yourself is not about giving up. It's reflecting and assessing and adapting. If you don't allow yourself the time to do this you can continue on a fruitless or difficult path. It is also very much about acknowledging. If you don't allow yourself the time to do this you can end up feeling quite low and out of kilter without really knowing why. it forms an important part of my coaching work too.

Here are a few other ideas for when you can reset yourself if your birthday was recently and you don't want to wait a whole year:

  • Beginning of any month

  • September - academic years continue to impact us even if we don't have children in school

  • A new moon

  • The beginning of the tax year (!) - well why not?

  • The start of a new season or a solstice

  • The start of a new year

  • Chinese New Year- this is a good one as it happens so soon after January

  • A religious new year starting: Eid al Adha, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali, Songkran,

  • Today. Yes that's probably the one we can all work with. No waiting.

Birthdays. A perfect chance to reset

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