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Finding some January joy!

Image courtesy of the Royal Academy Young Artists Summer Show ~ by Cressida- aged 5 (Yes, 5!)

This is my joy right here!

Hello! Happy new year to you all and thank you for dropping in.

If you have embarked upon a challenge this January, well done and I spur you on in your effort! There is much to be learnt from this about ourselves and hopefully an improvement in some aspect, be it fitness, diet, flexibility, resilience, clarity or strength.

However for those of you who find the word 'challenge' strikes an uncomfortable note this is for you!

Rather than a 'challenge' let's re-frame it to finding some joy and distraction.

Frankly many of us are experiencing enough challenges at the moment: *grits teeth* home schooling again, reduced income and dark and cold days, that we have no space in our life for another one, thank you.

What if it were about finding some joy and distraction rather than a challenge?

Here are some ideas:

This is a daily artistic challenge, with a difference. No skill required just a sense of playfulness and an open mind. There is no exhibition - although you can post your ideas if you want to.

To date ideas have included a 'pocket of hope' which is based on a Victorian envelope which was folded to contain messages, a bit like origami. You then write your own messages of hope in it as it unfolds.

Or how about 'I remember' asking you to recall anything you remember; no time frame, no specific emotion, just a memory. It is amazing what crops up.

Another challenge was to have a conversation with an inanimate object. Come on you've all done that surely? I certainly have...

31 different readings, essays, film clips and songs all with a strong literary feeling and an encouragement at the end to have a go at some writing yourself. Some are short, two minute reads, others are longer film clips or essays. A varied diet of good writing. Good for the soul!

Royal Academy Daily Doodle #RADailyDoodle

This is available if you are a Twitter user. Today's is to draw a Raven 'quothing' something!

Fancy something more physical? Try Yoga with Adriene. She is a delight to be with even though it's on screen. There is so much free stuff, all online. You can choose a 10 minute or longer 50 minute session and decide if you want to feel joy, relaxed, less stressed, grateful... the list goes on.

Fancy something slightly different? How about a weekly dose of what went right this week from the Positive News to remind ourselves that there is loads of good stuff happening but we just don't always get to hear about it.

Or how about joining one of the BBC radio shows or TV audiences (admittedly via Zoom) details here

So that's my stuff. What are you doing to find joy and distract yourself?

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