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Do you really have to re-invent yourself every year?

It's New Year's Eve. Since about one minute past midnight on Christmas Day I've been receiving messages and emails about diets, fitness clothing and apps and sales and holidays. Oh and plenty of 'New Year! New you!'

1st January is truly the optimum time for many of us to devise resolutions and set goals. However I would say this: New year- new you is not necessarily what it is about. You see I feel the implication here is you're not good enough as you are. The wonderful Matt Haig recently tweeted this:

There is a lot of power in this message. It is not suggesting that you do nothing. In fact it is an active message to recognise your value now, as you are, without having to be someone else.

Looking back on 2019, which I did with the help of photos I'd taken rather than dates in my calendar, I saw that times with friends and family were important, particularly time outside. This was a favourite memory of 2019- a walk to the Seven Sisters.

But let's just say there are things you'd like to change or achieve without completely reinventing yourself.

Those things you want to do more of.

Those things you love doing- and don't do enough of.

Those things that you say at the beginning of every year.

The things that really matter most and still get put aside.

There is quite an art to setting goals and defining what you want. Saying it aloud or writing it down is a good start. Reviewing the ideas at regular intervals is also good.

Think about:

  • How do you go about setting goals and how do you keep on track?

  • Are they your goals? Or has someone else decided them for you?

  • What has worked in the past?

If you are unsure of how to go about setting realistic and achievable goals please do join me on either 10th or 11th January from 10 am to midday. In a small group we will look at how to set goals that are right for you and are achievable and realistic. Details here

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! xx

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