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Diddly Squat

Only this week I've learnt the power of my own self talk and how it convinced me that there was something I absolutely could not do only to find that I could and it was easy.

In terms of importance to the world it is small. It terms of importance to me it is big. Big because in my role as a coach, I still find myself saying there are things I can't do and it would be good to be rid of that!

It is about a squat. A yoga squat, or malasana, to use the proper term.

During my lovely yoga class I've always said, ' Oh no, I can't do that, I can't even get half way. I'll just do the best I can here.'

However, quite out of the blue, I did manage to do it the other day, at home, without ever intending to and whilst messing about with my daughter. Just to prove it, I tried it again out of curiosity. Was it just a fluke? Nope. I can do it.

I will say here a huge part of this is because of my lovely yoga teacher who runs a class where this kind of thing can happen! (Thank you Vittoria x) More about Vittoria here

It goes beyond that too. It makes me curious. What else can I do that I had no idea about? What other 'programs' am I running in my head and beliefs am I holding about who I am and what I can and can't do?

Our self knowledge and realisations about who we are do not just come from intense inner reflection. They come in everyday moments, often when we least expect it.

So ask yourself: What beliefs are you holding about yourself that may not be true?

  • I'm too old to start a new career/job.

  • I'm not clever enough to do another degree.

  • I'd probably fail if I tried to set up my own business.

  • I'm rubbish at marketing.

  • I'm not flexible enough.

  • I have no time.

  • My body/mind just doesn't work like that.

  • I'm not a 'people' person.

  • Maths terrifies me. I was always rubbish at school*

Now ask yourself: 'How is this belief standing in my way?' Is it stopping you doing something that you want to do? A pipe-dream? A long held ambition?

* This one I come across a lot! It's funny isn't it how we continue to define ourselves by experiences at school. A bad day, a poor test result, which we might hold onto for years when we could, if we wanted to, let it go. One poor test result, one wrong answer, one unkind criticism does not need to define us for life.

And what did my belief about something have to do with my capacity to do it? Exactly. Diddly squat.

If you think that you are telling yourself a story, repeating a program that is not true and would like help getting on with what you really want to do then do get in touch.

t: 07501817739


Who knows what might happen next? The crow perhaps?

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