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The Chocolate Environment.

I've just had a conversation about Christmas and chocolate. It went like this:

I've got so much chocolate in my house I just want to get rid of it (i.e. eat it)

Yes! Me too! Take it all away so I can start the New Year well.

Funny that. Speaking as one who has a fervent love of chocolate, even I can see how daft that sounds. Eat the thing that you don't want to have around (quickly and in a shorter time than normal) to get rid of it and then all will be well.

It's similar to 'I'll just lose some weight and then I'll be ready to go to the gym/run/exercise'

We want to create the right environment before we attend to the thing that is really bothering us. And it's not always easy. Things like motivation and will power get mentioned. Some people devise 'punishments' for doing something wrong - I've eaten 7 chocolates therefore I can't eat for the rest of the day. Others may say It's impossible, I just can't do it.

Creating the right environment starts with where you feel you are now.

You may already have a plan or strategy and would like to check in with someone objective. Or it may be that the plan is eluding you for now. Or it's someone else's idea of what is good for you and what you need. Or maybe you need to explore ideas around how to create the right environment. Whatever your situation, coaching with me values who you are and where you are now. There are no punishments! You make and control the plan and get a chance to test it out to see if it works and make adjustments. No judgements made.

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