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A marvellous idea into a plain old hat.

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

'Thus it was I gave up a magnificent career as a painter at the age of six.'

so says Antoine de Saint Exupery's Little Prince after drawing this:

The grown ups did not recognise that it was a boa constrictor slowly digesting an elephant. Rather they thought it was a hat.

Crushing eh?

It's funny how an off the cuff comment said years ago, can impact so profoundly us on now.

Actually it's funny how an off the cuff remark said at any time in life can impact so profoundly.

What ideas did you (do you still ) have that haven't yet been fulfilled? Did you turn your marvellous idea of an elephant-eating boa constrictor into a plain old hat?

Those wishes, those aspirations can sit within us for years. You may call them pipe dreams.

Perhaps it is time to look back at those ideas and explore how they can become a reality. Because honestly there's no need to hold on to crushing negative thoughts any more than there is to hold on to a dangerous and poisonous snake. Even a boa constrictor.

In N.L.P. there is a brilliant tool called the Disney strategy. It is, a you might deduce, based on Walt Disney's creative strategy. Don't worry it's not about his films or characters in them rather about how he worked out his creative ideas.

Simple and brilliant.

If you've reached a stage where you you would like to translate that long held good idea of yours into something real, then why not have a chat with me to see how I can help?

Do get in touch:


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