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Got an idea?

You have a great idea. You've been thinking about for a while and talked to a few people about it. They think it's brilliant but somehow it hasn't got off the ground yet. It seems the more you think about it, the harder it becomes and there are just so many obstacles in the way.

Maybe you sat down and gave it some really serious thought and made a plan and had a few more ideas to add in to the mix.

It's sitting there, waiting for some attention but you don't know where to take it now.

Is it even worth it?

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

Oh well...

Sound familiar?

Coaching can help transform (great) ideas into action.

It allows you to explore the 'dream' fully without prejudice or objection

It can help you develop a plan

It can stress test the idea so you know that it is right for you.

It can give you a chance to challenge it and change it without sabotaging the original idea- or yourself.

If you've got a great idea you'd like to explore then do get in touch.


t 07501817739

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