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Changing the path(way)

In the park there is a pathway that has been created by people who would rather not go the loopy way round and prefer to cut across the grassy (and sometimes muddy) bit in order to get where they are going.

It's a bit like a neural pathway in that it has become a habit. There is another way round but this is the path that is most used and is now well trodden.

It's also quick.

It's also easy.

It's also familiar.

And it's now a habit.

If you want to change that habit you have to find another path. It may be the loopy and longer one. It may go through the long grass, or mud, or stream even.

Which ever one you choose, in order to change the habit and make this the preferred route you have to practise it, quite a lot. You will need to consciously think 'Not the old way, a different way.'

Notice I suggested 'different' not 'more difficult' way.

If you'd like some help finding a different path from the well trodden one you know so well do get it touch.


t 07501817739

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