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A dog and an alien abduction

This blog is about dogs and aliens. Sort of. It’s also about how you can convince yourself for years to behave in a certain way, maybe even feel fearful and stuck without any real foundation.

Onto the aliens….

When out walking my small dog in the park I often tell people that about two years ago I was abducted by an alien. From being a person well known for not liking dogs, to the point of feeling very anxious about going to a house with a dog in it, I have become a big fan of dogs. The only rational explanation can be I was abducted by an alien and reprogrammed to like them.

Well part of it is true; the reprogramming part. For years if anyone ever asked me why I had a fear of dogs and where it came from I would say “When I was a toddler learning to walk, my parents had a dog that used to knock me over and I think that must be where it all stemmed from.”

Which now I look at it and really think about it is a nonsense because I have absolutely no memory whatsoever of being a toddler and learning to walk – even in my younger years. I told myself and others that story for years and believed it. What clever programming I was using!

The reprogramming part came about when a friend showed me a picture of her new dog. I actually thought – that’s quite cute. Then I managed to convince others around me that the dog was quite cute. For some reason I looked at that picture of the dog frequently- partly because it belonged to a friend of mine who I don’t see very often, but also because, in some kind of subtle way, I was reprogramming myself to like dogs.

In early November 2013 we brought a new member into our household. I could never have imagined how much we (and me in particular) would come to love Lola. For those of you who like pictures of dogs here she is.

So- if you are fed up with running the same programme that is limiting you – or convincing you that you can’t do things you would like to do please get in touch!

T 07501817739


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