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New Home? New City? How to make it the best experience.

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So you decided it was time for a change and went and did something very proactive – you moved! Now that you’re here what can you do to make it the best experience for you?

Over the last few months I have met three people who have relocated to Bristol and they have shared some of their successful strategies. With enormous thanks to David, Ali and Sarah for their input!

  • Firstly be open to an adventure and to have a go at something

  • Get up and out! Aim to be out at least twice a week. No it doesn’t have to involve high cost, a walk with a new colleague to explore part of the city is free.

  • Meetup is a great way to start – plenty of people in the same boat as you with similar interests too.

  • Do as many things as you can. Saying I’ll stay in tonight and not bother won’t make things happen for you.

  • If you do choose to stay in (because going out every night can be punishing) find an activity that you enjoy and relaxes you, apart from a boxed set! For some it could be yoga, for others learning an instrument or working through a list of books you’ve always wanted to read.

  • Be willing to have a go at several things. If something doesn’t work try something else.

  • Having a good chat with someone new is as good as showing great talent in a new activity

  • Going somewhere with a (new) friend or on a recommendation is a good idea

  • Try lots of things to see what you like. Then stick at one or two.

  • If one of the activities doesn’t work for you it’s not personal, it just wasn’t right for you.

  • It’s a golden opportunity to finish the sentence I’ve always fancied having a go at….

  • Standard opening lines such as ‘Is this the first time you’ve been to a Meetup?’ are Ok! Always be on the listen out for other good opening lines too.

There is doing and thinking involved. The doing is often the easier part. The thinking and believing can be the part you find more of a challenge. So a few ideas to help the thinking along the way:

  • Be open in your mind and body stance – hunched rounded shoulders won’t get you very far. Neither will the belief that no one wants to talk to you. They do – really they do. Sometimes people have a bad day – it’s not personal.

  • Accept your circumstances. I’m new, I don’t know anyone, yet, can bring a sense of calm. Take the pressure off yourself.

  • Be confident. How? Practise your opening lines with people in a shop, especially if it’s a local independent (and there are plenty of these in Bristol). Offer a compliment on the food/service/range of vintage clothing/ choice of music. Notice the difference it makes to that person. Practise it a lot! It will build your confidence.

  • Know that it will take around 6 – 12 months to feel settled.

  • Be prepared to step away from the familiar. Just because you have never been ice skating, dragon boating or screen printing before doesn’t mean you won’t be good it or enjoy it!

As a final word David summed up his experience:

‘It’s that self growth that I needed to pursue. With that growth there is excitement and optimism as well as some nerves and anxiety too, but ultimately such a new experience provides an opportunity to grow, learn and become a more enriched individual.’

If you are new to Bristol or going somewhere new and finding it hard to be open or step into the unfamiliar do get in touch.

T: 07501817739


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