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Come on! The Time is Now!

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Come on! The time is now!

This blog is inspired by two songs that just about say it all for getting on with 2015 in the best way possible.

It is quite easy to fall into one of two camps after Christmas and New Year.

  • Come on let’s get on with the New Year – exciting new things are ahead, the old year is gone and I’m ready to make a change!


  • Same old same old, nothing new and a feeling of heaviness and dreariness about starting all over again.

Those of you in the first camp may well fly into the 2015 with a great sense of energy and enthusiasm. That’s great! However if you started well and feel like you have lost a bit of momentum do get in touch. It’s helpful to have someone objective and neutral to check in with you and your plans.

If you fall in to the second camp – get in touch – this is the time to get started and make those changes and find the inspiration. The days are gradually getting lighter by a minute or so each day. It’s possible that that is the best way for you to make some changes - gradually.

You may have your feet in both camps. Some things come easily and some are just too tricky. If it’s time to make a change in your job or look for changes in your personal and social life and you are not sure how to go about it, coaching can help. Rather than make resolutions you won’t keep I can show you some good tips for making plans and then by regular meetings, make sure that you keep yourself on track.So come on! The time is now!

With thanks to The Hives and Moloko

Tel: 07757 361193

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