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How to be manic this season!

How to be manic this season!

The second blog in an occasional series of ‘How to...’ blogs

I’ve heard this word a lot recently in the following context:

A: How are you? I haven’t seen you for ages.

B: Yes sorry I haven't been in touch, I’ve been so busy – it’s been manic!

So here are a few top tips to being *manic.

*as in so busy you don’t have time for you or anyone else

Score more points if you can do one or more at once:

  • Keep your phone in your hand at all times. Clutch it firmly.

  • Use your phone whenever there is a spare moment. Standing in line at the supermarket, on the loo (yes that is possible), whilst walking the dog, during a meeting. The important thing here is to send as many messages to your brain at once.

  • When you start with an idea of what to do make sure you keep your eyes and ears (and phone) open for other tasks which you could do at the same time. A seasonal example might be; helping a young person with homework whilst trying to organise a Christmas party.

  • Make sure you don't give yourself enough time to eat or drink properly - really manic behaviour means getting to the end of the day and wondering when you last had a drink of water or went to the loo...

  • Schedule several events in one day and don’t build in any contingency time. That way you won’t have a moment to really talk to someone and find out how they are.

  • Under no circumstances delegate tasks to anyone else. That gives you more to do and helps keep your head in a spin!

  • If you find a gap in your day (let’s say an hour or so) fill it up with yet another task.

  • Speak quickly and breathe quickly – it all adds to the excitement of being manic. If someone doesn’t understand you the first time speak just as quickly and possibly a little louder.

  • Manic behaviour is often accompanied by a large overstuffed and heavy bag with everything in there (somewhere)

  • Use words like urgent, crisis and immediate a lot.

  • Keep entirely task focused. Even allowing yourself a few moments to take a look around you will break the feeling.

It may be that you love being manic. That in fact it is another word for being busy and productive and you get a huge buzz from it. The more manic you are the better you feel and the more energy you have. If this is the case this blog is not for you!

However if you are feeling that circumstances are taking over and you have no time for yourself – or anyone else for that matter - do get in touch- I have time for you.

Tel: 07757 361193

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