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How a small action can lead to a major action

New project looking daunting? Not sure where to start? How about a micro action? I really do mean micro. Here’s an example:

I’ve joined the gym at great expense, it is near to my office/house/place of work/children’s school and I just cannot seem to get there. In fact the thing I do best is finding reasons not to get there.So start small. Put your gym shoes on to go to the office/house/place of work/children’s school. And take your clothes for your work out in a bag. Carry it.

What micro action would be required for you to put your work out clothes on?

Does it take you closer?

Or... You have a presentation to make. A big one, to a large group of people. Open up your preferred computer program or notebook and write the last sentence you want to say.

Of course once you've sorted today's micro action, plan tomorrow's.

What will happen is that you get closer to your orignal plan. So close that you can no longer can ignore it.

If you would like some help getting your micro action off the ground - get in touch!

or 07757 361193

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