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The “I know I’ve had enough button” and how to activate it this season!

Whilst talking with friends recently, it was interesting to hear both of them mention this internal button. One of them was talking about food and the other about wine! It went something like this….

“Oh the thing is I just can’t stop eating once I’ve started. I know I’ll feel full and bloated, but I just can’t stop. You, on the other hand always know when to stop and don’t seem to over eat.”

“Well you say that, but I can’t drink just one glass of wine! I have to have another and maybe another – I know when to stop eating but not drinking!”

Actually they both had the,”I know I’ve had enough button” but were choosing to ignore it depending on the circumstances! Both the eating and the drinking required connecting with a feeling and then responding to it. It is having a sense of what you want to feel tomorrow.

So, you’re at the party. There’s food and drink aplenty and a general good atmosphere. How do you make it work?

You have to really, really want to make it work. If you don’t want it that much, nothing will change.

So, whilst chatting and having a good time, take a moment and connect with how you feel now. Then get a sense of how you want to feel tomorrow. This feeling now needs to be made:

a lot bigger

and brighter

and louder

Go off have some more fun and chat enjoy yourself but keep checking in with yourself, particularly with the feeling of what you want tomorrow.

Tis the season to give it a go!

If you would like some help activating the "I know I've had enough" button - do get in touch

or 07501817739

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