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10 years!

Happy 10 year Anniversary to my business!

If it were a 10 year birthday for a child there would have been over the years:

Awe and amazement at the world around

Learning to crawl

Learning to walk

Falling over - many times and getting back up


Learning to talk

Making friends

Leaning new skills

A sense of independence and responsibility

However like most things in life, describing something in a linear fashion doesn't always work.

I'm looking particularly at the falling over stage. This has happened many times - and I've often debated on whether or not to get back up.

I have though- I'm still here learning, making friends and adding to my broad base of knowledge.

This (sort of) sums it all up and also happens to be magnificent! Yoann Bourgeois

If you'd like a chat about where you're heading next do get in touch!



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